What are the AI Request Statuses and what do they mean?

There are several AI Request Statuses. The following statuses and breakdown are listed.

  • Approved: Investor has been approved as accredited
  • Pending - The AI request has been submitted and is awaiting review
  • Rejected: A "Rejected" status is assigned when it has been determined that the investor is not accredited and the request is no longer moving forward for review.
  • Needs More Info - The review has been completed and additional information is needed (i.e., investor uploaded 2019 and 2020 W2s, instead of 2020 and 2021)
  • Letter Requested - You will update to this status when a review needs to be performed a second time on an investor account that had been reviewed at a previous date. This is usually done if the accreditation check was completed over 90 days ago.
  • New Info Added - You will update to this status after the status has been updated to "More Info Needed" you can test this in the sandbox using the instructions provided here: https://www.northcapital.com/ai-verification-testing/
  • Updated Letter Requested / New Letter Request - Same as "New Info Added" status.