Can I add new users to the TransactAPI admin panel?

You can set up users through the TransactAPI Admin Panel.

You can set up users through the TransactAPI Admin Panel.
First, navigate to the Administrative View from the Admin Panel Dashboard. Select Client User, followed by Add Client User.
Second, enter Client User's information onto the form, ensuring all required fields are complete.

  • Name of User - First and last name of new Client User
  • Firm Name - Name of firm to associate new Client User with.
  • Email - Email address of Client User that is to be used for login and password reset
  • Phone - This is an optional field, but necessary if Phone is the chosen two factor authentication choice.
  • Two Factor Authentication - Selecting Yes will give the option to authentication via text message (in which case, a phone number would be required) or via Google Authenticator.
  • View all Offering Data - Selecting Yes gives the Client User access to all offerings associated with the Client. Selecting No offers a dropdown menu in which specific offerings can be selected for access.
  • Account Administrator - Selecting Yes permissions the new Client User with Admin access. This gives the ability to create new client users. An account administrator also has access to the firm's dev keys.
  • API Audit Log Access - A Yes permission is typically reserved for development teams. The audit log is view only and used while developing and troubleshooting APIs.
  • Allow Principal Review - No should be selected unless Client User is a representative of the broker/dealer of the offering. 
  • Access Level - View Only or View and Edit can be decided on a case by case basis
  • Send Password Set Up - By selecting this box, the password setup email will be sent out upon successful account creation. If not selected, the option to send the password setup email will be available on the View Client Users page. (see example below)

Third, assign API permissions. Navigating back to the View Client Users page, select Permission, and finally select the Select All Methods checkbox, followed by the Assign Permissions button. This gives the Client User the ability to utilize all available APIs.
Additional Help
The following Loom video walks through this process as well as provides offering specific access details.