How do I set up an escrow account?

Below is the standard process for opening an escrow account.

(For Reg CF) You can submit the Background Check Authorization Form to this email address-  prior to filing a Form-C and requesting the escrow account.

Below is the standard process for opening an escrow account.
Step 1- Please provide a Credit Card Authorization Form (for bad actor check fees & escrow set up fee)
Step 2- Access our North Capital Portal to go to our "Deals & Due Diligence" menu and click on "Request Deal Review". Please fully complete the form and upload all applicable documentation for our team's review. Requested Documentation includes but is not limited to:
  • Completed NCPS_BackgroundCheckAuthorization for each covered person. A complete list of covered persons can be found here.
  • Organization documents for the issuer and any managing entities or entities that own more than 20% of the issuer (certificate of formation, EIN documentation, governing documents such as operating agreement, LLC agreement, limited partnership agreement or bylaws and ownership documentation such as a schedule of owners or cap table). Please also provide any previous versions or amendments to these documents.
  • Offering documents (subscription, white paper, ppm, offering memorandum, etc.)
*Please select "yes" for the question "Would you like to submit an escrow request for this deal?"
*Please list the authorized signer for the escrow agreement as the Issuer Primary Contact.
Step 3- Once the status for the Deal has been updated to "Approved- Fundraising", then our Escrow Ops team will be notified to send out the escrow agreement to be executed.