How do I link my DocuSign account to my TransactAPI account?

You can link your DocuSign account the TransactAPI admin panel.

You can link your DocuSign account by:

1. Logging into the TransactAPI admin panel and navigating to the "Subscription Document Credentials" button under the Administrative Directory on your dashboard.

Subscription Document Credentials


2. Link your account by entering your DocuSign credentials. The DocuSign Account ID can be found in the top right corner of your DocuSign homepage.

Docusign Account Linking


3. Once your account is linked, link your template to your offering by going to the Offerings View from your Transact API Dashboard. Clicking on the desired Offering ID number and navigating to the "Subscription Documents" tab and clicking "Add Subscription Document"

Add Subscription Document

Other items to note:

  • A live DocuSign account tier that includes "Advanced Fields" must be used
  • Two-Factor Authentication must be disabled when connecting TransactAPI to your DocuSign account. DocuSign does not support API integration for accounts that have two-factor authentication enabled.